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Replacement filter for: VonShef 1.2 gallon countertop kitchen compost bin. Also fits most other kitchen countertop compost bins as filters can be trimmed to correct size. The carbon filter keeps your compost bin odor free. This pack contains a 2 part filter set suitable for most compost bins as they can be trimmed down to size. Material Details: Carbon Overall: 6.3'' H x 6'' W x 0.5'' D Overall Product Weight: 1lb.


Overall: 0.25'' H x 19'' W x 0.25'' D Overall Product Weight: 0.36lb.

Composting lets you turn yard waste and kitchen scraps into homemade garden compost. Composting is Nature's perfect recycling plan. The Gronomics solar assist composter allows the waste to breakdown efficiently by letting the sunlight pass through the transparent roof. Rust resistant wire for side panels. The corrugated poly roof is hinged which allows easy access from either side and is virtually unbreakable. It is light bronze in color for UV protection and offers solar heating insulation.... Material Details: 100% Western red cedar Overall: 33'' H x 46'' W x 27'' D Overall Product Weight: 54lb. Number of Access Doors: 1


The Natural Home Compost Bucket is a wonderful indoor apparatus to create nutrient-rich compost from kitchen waste. It is constructed from bamboo, which makes it robust for daily use. This compost collector has a lid on top that keeps the inside content covered. The lid has aeration holes that allow flow of air to prevent the creation of odor. It has a handle that makes it convenient to carry it. It is water resistant and can easily handle the daily wear and tear. Odor-resistant, this bucket... Material Details: Bamboo Overall: 10.75'' H x 7'' W x 7.25'' D Overall Product Weight: 3.41lb. Aeration Holes: Yes

Overall: 5.5'' H x 8.3'' W x 5.2'' D Overall Product Weight: 0.21lb.

Overall: 2.75'' H x 2.75'' W x 3.75'' D Overall Product Weight: 0.53lb.


Generally speaking, composting isn't such an enjoyable activity. It often comes with putrid smells, an awful visual and can cause undesirable insects to appear. Mr.ECO smartly resolves the problem by eliminating the inconveniences of recuperating compostable materials. Ingeniously designed, it is equipped with a unique and patented lid with a 100%-tight mechanism that locks in odors and eliminates any eye contact with the compost. Overall: 20'' H x 10.75'' W x 8.25'' D Overall Product Weight: 3.5lb.

The Leisure Season Wood Compost Bin is made from solid wood, which makes it strong and durable, and suitable for use in the garden or yard. Built with a waterproof and weatherproof design, this bin can easily withstand the harsh outdoor conditions. It has a medium brown finish. This compost provides aeration and ventilation to the compost through the equally separated slats. It has two access doors that provide convenience to add or remove the content. The Wood Compost Bin from Leisure Season... Material Details: Solid Wood Overall: 30'' H x 27'' W x 27'' D Overall Product Weight: 29lb. Aeration Holes: Yes Number of Access Doors: 2

VonShef stainless steel compost bin caddy is sleek and stylish and is specifically made to store kitchen waste such as vegetable peelings and can be stored perfectly on kitchen counter tops or under the kitchen sink. Designed in a sleek black body and polished stainless steel lid, this compost bin will make a great addition to contemporary and modern kitchens. The lid has an activated carbon filter which will absorb and contain any unpleasant odors, making this the perfect alternative to using... Overall: 10.8'' H x 7.8'' W x 7.8'' D Overall Product Weight: 3lb.

The Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter has two 18.5 gallon (70 liter) chambers for added composting convenience. The "green" gardener can now be using the finished compost in one chamber while the other chamber is compost processing. Heavy Duty all-season construction means years of great backyard use! Material Details: 90% Polypropylene, 10% Steel Overall: 32.3'' H x 25.6'' W x 23.6'' D Overall Product Weight: 22lb. Aeration Holes: Yes Latching Lid: Yes


Full Circle could all use a little less gross and lot less waste. The Kitchen Compost Collector lets oxygen move through your organic kitchen waste, slowing down decomposition. The result a stink-free solution even the neat freak in you can get behind. Thanks to an advanced design that allows oxygen to move easily through your organic kitchen waste, the Kitchen Compost Collector slows down the decomposition process. The result less gross, more green (and all in a stink-free method even the neat... Material Details: Recycled plastic, partially recycled steel Overall: 8.98'' H x 11.34'' W x 9.37'' D Overall Product Weight: 2.54lb.

The Jora Composter simplifies and speeds up the process of making compost. It is a 'continuous-use' dual chamber composter. Dual chambers allow you to keep adding new materials to one compartment while the other matures. Because the unit is insulated and sealed, it converts kitchen waste to compost in 2-8 weeks. With a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet (33 gallons), the Jora Composter can easily handle daily composting of kitchen scraps for a household of 1-4 or in some cases more. The Jora... Overall Product Weight: 64lb. Aeration Holes: Yes Latching Lid: Yes Number of Access Doors: 2 Vents: Yes

Yimby is an acronym for "Yes in my backyard." Yimby home and garden products help promote environmental responsibility, sustainability, well being and overall enjoyment of home and garden. This unique tumbling composter features two chambers, fill one side while the other side cures, making it easy to efficiently convert your kitchen and yard waste into rich soil enhancing compost. Just load it up, close the sliding door and use the convenient built- in hand holds to give it a turn every... Overall: 36'' H x 28'' W x 26'' D Overall Product Weight: 30lb. Number of Access Doors: 1 Vents: Yes


Stop throwing food scraps in the garbage! Designed with the home cook in mind and attractive enough to leave on the countertop, the Good Grips Compost Bin stores food scraps until they can be transferred to an outdoor composter. The flip-up lid can be opened and closed with one hand. Smooth interior walls prevent food and liquids from building up and make clean up simple. The sturdy handle makes it easy to carry the filled compost bin outside while the contoured bottom and removable lid keep... Overall: 7.75'' H x 7.6'' W x 7.3'' D Overall Product Weight: 1.24lb.


Featuring a 80-gallon (302.8 L) capacity, the Lifetime 10.7 cu ft. Tumbler Composter is the perfect addition to your backyard. The ingenious tumbler design is perfect for easy batch composting. Both tumblers turn for balanced rotation and the internal aeration bar mixes compost and provides air flow. Constructed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the dual compost tumbler is durable, UV-protected and has dark, double-wall panels to absorb and retain heat. For added convenience, it has an extra... Overall: 43'' H x 40'' W x 35.5'' D Overall Product Weight: 42.1lb. Aeration Holes: Yes Latching Lid: Yes Number of Access Doors: 1

Even though very useful and ecologically sound, a compost heap is not usually the most attractive in the garden. With a Beehive Composter from Rowlinson, you lift the lid and instead of honey there's beautiful crumbly dark compost inside. We can't think of a better way of disguising a compost heap and at the same time creating a focal point that is bound to create interest. With a removable bottom panel and lifting lid with stay for easy access, this wooden composter is stylish and looks great... Material Details: Pressure treated wood Overall: 31'' H x 29'' W x 29'' D Overall Product Weight: 58lb.

Lets send less to the landfill. Convert your own organic waste into compost to enrich the soil in your backyard. Material Details: Bamboo fiber Overall: 9.5'' H x 8'' W x 8'' D Overall Product Weight: 2.36lb. Aeration Holes: Yes Number of Access Doors: 1

The Graf 160 gallon thermo king composter turns kitchen waste into rich, nutritious compost for your garden! Constructed from Thermolen (UV-resistant, weatherproof material), keeping heat inside, which accelerates the composting process. Large lid for easy access in loading and stirring compost. Secure, wind-proof latches keep top closed. Folding bottom exit door for removal. For over 50 years, the Graf brand has represented high-quality plastic products. Overall: 50" H x 31.5" W x 31.5" D Overall Product Weight: 33lbs

Overall: 30'' W x 30'' D Overall Product Weight: 16.5lb.

If you're looking for an inexpensive composting solution, the Compost Wizard Compost Bin is your solution. Made of light durable plastic, this unit can setup easily but take mother nature's abuse. The ribbed design reinforces the structure while helping with aeration and making the whole unit more attractive-something you won't find in those low quality panel-designed compost bins. Aeration holes are located around the outside and help to speed up aeration but are too small for rodents and... Overall: 37'' H x 29'' W x 25'' D Overall Product Weight: 26lb.

Participate in your communities composting efforts by collecting organic waste in these specially designed compost bags. Can be put in your green bins for pickup and will commercially degrade in 10-45 days with full biodegrade in less than 6 months. Create awareness in the workplace in regards to sustainability with these compost bags. Should be stored away from light, heat and moisture to ensure maximum shelf life. Sized to properly fit your receptacle this compost bag can be put at the center... Overall: 60'' H x 48'' W Overall Product Weight: 7.05lb. Compost Completion Time: 2-26 weeks

Old fashion galvanized steel compost container with top handle. This Garden Composter will ad a charming look of yesteryear. Material Details: Galvanized Steel Overall: 13.5'' W x 13.5'' D Aeration Holes: Yes Vents: Yes Drainage: Yes

The Jora Composter simplifies and speeds up the process of making compost. It is a 'continuous-use' dual chamber composter. Dual chambers allow you to keep adding new materials to one compartment while the other matures. Because the unit is insulated and sealed, it converts kitchen waste to compost in as little as two weeks. With a capacity of 14.2 cubic feet, the Jora can easily handle large quantities of kitchen scraps and garden waste. Suitable for larger households, restaurants, schools... Overall: 53'' H x 55'' W x 32'' D Overall Product Weight: 150lb. Aeration Holes: Yes Latching Lid: Yes Number of Access Doors: 2

Collect your organic food scraps the easy way composting doesn't need to be inconvenient, smelly, Sorbus messy. With a decorative countertop compost pail, simply lift the lid and slide the scraps in. No more digging under the kitchen sink for the old coffee can. Home composting enriches your plants and gardens don't discount the benefit of your food scraps. Collect fruit, vegetables, coffee grounds, egg shells, tea bags and juicing scraps and return them to your soil and not the landfills.... Material Details: Stainless steel Overall: 11.7'' H x 9'' W x 7.5'' D Overall Product Weight: 5.44lb.

The Exaco Replacement Carbon Filters is a quintessential air filter that can be used in the kitchen compost collector. This replacement carbon filters are made from plastic material, which is durable. It eliminates air borne contaminating elements and wicks away foul smell of the kitchen waste. This carbon filter is water-proof and resistant to all weather conditions. The Replacement Carbon Filters from Exaco is compatible to use with ECO 2000 kitchen compost collector. It comes in a pack of... Overall: 3'' H x 6'' W x 6'' D Overall Product Weight: 0.1lb.

Improve the speed of composting with Good Ideas Compost Wizard 24 Cu. Ft. booster. This compost accessory consists of two packs with six items included to enhance the process composting. This booster has advanced enzyme technology to transform your household waste in nutrient-rich compost for rapid plant growth. This compost booster reduces the foul smell of the maturing compost. It is non-toxic and bio-degradable and it does not pollute the environment or harm the plant growth. This compost... Overall: 7'' H x 3.25'' W x 0.25'' D Overall Product Weight: 7lb.

Love gardening? Simply put your kitchen food waste into a compost bin and you can produce high-quality soil that is much cheaper than buying it from a garden store! Compost soil is dense and rich with nutrients and the soil created from your egg shells, coffee grinds, vegetable scraps and more will be a natural fertilizer, eliminating the need to use chemicals in your garden. This is an affordable, eco-friendly way to benefit your yard, garden and flower beds. Compost Bin comes with two thick... Material Details: Carbon steel Overall: 10.25'' H x 8'' W x 8'' D Overall Product Weight: 2.7lb. Aeration Holes: Yes Number of Access Doors: 1

Turn food scraps into valuable nutrients for your plants with Plow & Hearth leakproof, odor-free copper-plated compost container. It makes an attractive addition to your counter and is leak- and odor-free. Copper-plated compost container comes with a charcoal odor filter and 25 biodegradable liners. Material Details: Copper plated Overall: 10'' H x 9.5'' W x 9.5'' D Overall Product Weight: 3.3lb.

Composting is a great way to recycle all those nasty leftovers, kitchen scraps, and organic junk that you find around the yard into rich top soil that also doubles as mulch. That's a double whammy of earth-friendly, trash-reducing action. Your typical tool of choice would be a composter where you can put all this food, leaves, and grass into. But where is the best composter to do the job? Look no further! This is the greatest composter you're going to find. The Compost Wizard Jr. Boost Kit is a... Material Details: Polyethylene Overall: 23.5'' H x 30'' W x 22'' D Overall Product Weight: 27lb. Aeration Holes: Yes Number of Access Doors: 1


The Lifetime 8.7 Cu. Ft. Tumbler Composter is a uniquely designed tumbler to create useful manure from daily kitchen waste and yard debris. This composter is made from plastic and galvanized steel, which makes it robust to withstand hard conditions. This tumbler composter is waterproof, which makes it resistant to rusting and corrosion. It has aeration holes that allow ventilation and prevent the spreading of bad odor. It features two legs that function as supporters. It has a latching lid that... Material Details: Galvanized steel Overall: 43.2'' H x 35'' W x 35.8'' D Overall Product Weight: 55lb. Aeration Holes: Yes Latching Lid: Yes

The Neway International Housewares 0.13 Cu. Ft. Kitchen Compost Collector is a durable and stylishly designed compost bin for household use. This compost bin made from stainless steel, which is a sturdy and hardwearing material. This stylish compost bin is designed with brushed steel surface to complement a contemporary style kitchenware. The compost bin has a lid with a charcoal filter under it that wicks away the odor in the bin. This stainless steel compost bin resists reaction to food... Material Details: Stainless steel Overall: 11'' H x 8'' W x 8'' D Overall Product Weight: 2lb.

The 5-tray VermiHut transforms the organic waste from your kitchen into organic fertilizer for your garden. Its easy to use! Just fill a working tray with well prepared bedding, compost worms and food scraps. As the worms finish composting, they will migrate upward into the tray above, leaving rich castings behind. In ideal condition, 2 lbs or 1 kg worms can consume 1 lb or 0.5 kg of food scraps per day in average. A 5-tray worm bin can house 10 lbs or 5 kgs of worms. The VermiHut provides... Material Details: 100% Recycled plastic Overall Product Weight: 15.5lb. Aeration Holes: Yes Latching Lid: Yes Number of Access Doors: 1